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Welcome back students to the second grading period.  During the next 8 weeks we will be completing our Infinite Runner Game and exploring more topics in mobile development.

Monday: Infinite Runner goals

Tuesday: Infinite Runner Work Day

Wednesday: Infinite Runner Work Day

Thursday: Infinite Runner Work Day

Friday: Infinite Runner Work Day

Tutoring this week: Thursday 8:10 – 8:45, and 12:45 – 1:15

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

This week we will continue to work on our Infinite Runner Game

Monday: Staring, Ending, Restarting the game

Tuesday: Adding UI Elements

Wednesday: Mobile Controls

Thursday: Infinite Runner work day

Friday: Infinite Runner Game Due (Summative)

Tutoring this week: Thursday 8:10 – 8:45, 12:45 – 1:15, and 4:00 – 4:45

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

This is the last week of our grading period – all work must be turned in by the end of your class period on Friday, October 19th.

On Friday, October 12, you need to have the core game play of your Infinite Runner game complete.  Here is a list of requirement that I will be grading on Friday:

  • Player character is “running”
  • Player can be controlled: move, jump, etc…
  • The obstacles the player is avoiding are implemented and working
  • Any pickups/powerups are in game and can be picked up
  • Prototype level is done and all game play can be demonstrated.

This will be a summative grade taken during class this Friday

This week we will continue to create our Infinite Runner games.

Monday:  No School

Tuesday: Adding obstacles

Wednesday: PSAT Testing – Infinite Runner Work Day

Thursday:  Adding Powerups/Pickups

Friday:  Infinite Runner core game play due (Summative)

Tutoring this week:  Thursday 8:10 – 8:45 and 12:45 – 1:15

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

This week we will plan and start creating Infinite Runner games for mobile devices.

Monday:  Complete Game Design Document – turn in to Schoology

Tuesday: Moving/Running

Wednesday: Controls – Keyboard and Touch

Thursday:  Level Design and Layout

Friday:  Navigating the level (moving, turning/side-stepping)

Tutoring this week:  Thursday 8:10 – 8:45 & 4:00 – 4:45

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

UIL Gain/Lose Friday, Oct. 5th – Check your grades.

We will complete our Hangman games and learn how to build them for Android Devices.

Monday:  Grade Hangman Games

Tuesday: Setting up Unity to Build for Android

Wednesday: Building for Android

Thursday:  Intro Infinite Runner

Friday:  Infinite Runner level creation.

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

Students – you will be completing the Hangman Game today during class.  I will be grading it during class on Monday.  Please see the following rubric to make sure you have fully completed the game.

Rubric – Summative (100 points)

Requirements (70 points)
  • Word bank with at least 10 words
  • Buttons for each letter deactivate when pressed to show what letters have been used
  • Hangman picture changes each time an incorrect guess is made
  • Word blanks fill in with the letter when a correct guess is made
  • Game ends when the hangman picture is completed – Lost
  • Game ends when the word is completely filled in – Win
  • Menus for starting the game and when the game is over
  • Instructions for playing the game
  • Ability to replay or quit the game
  • Sounds for button clicks, wrong guess, and right guess.
  • A hint button which will give the player a hint to help them guess the word (one hint per word)
UI Layout (30 points)
  • UI will scale when screen size is changed (anchor points set)
  • Set your project to 3:4 or 4:3 aspect ratio to fit most mobile screens
  • Easy to read and use
  • Neat and attractive layout
  • Good use of color

This week we will complete our Hangman game

Monday:  Complete Input/Output

Tuesday: Updating the picture

Wednesday: Updating the picture

Thursday:  Winning and loosing

Friday:  Menus and options – complete the game

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

This week we will continue to create our hangman games

Monday:  Creating the input system

Tuesday: Checking for a match

Wednesday: Checking for a match

Thursday:  Updating the blanks

Friday:  Updating the picture

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

Your hangman game should do the following:

  • Computer picks a word – 10 words minimum word bank
  • Computer displays blanks for letters
  • Player makes guesses
  • Computer tacks guesses and displays letters used
  • Wrong letter – update the picture
  • Right letter – replace the blank with letter
  • Ends when player completes word or completes picture
  • Restart or quit options

You need to submit one game for your group.