Daily Archives: September 10, 2018

This week we will continue to create our hangman games

Monday:  Creating the input system

Tuesday: Checking for a match

Wednesday: Checking for a match

Thursday:  Updating the blanks

Friday:  Updating the picture

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

This week we will learn how to make some simple objects for use in games.

Monday:  Making a seamless tile

Tuesday: Making a crate.

Wednesday: Intro to Maya Lt.

Thursday:  Maya Lt.

Friday:  Maya Lt.

Don’t forget Professional Dress Wednesday.

Over the next two weeks we will be studying the history of video games.  We will examine how technology, design, hardware, the market, and business have changed over time.  At the end of this unit you will be putting all the information learned together in a project – so take notes and make sure you understand what changed between each generation.

Monday: An introduction to video game history

Tuesday: Generation 1 – The Beginning

Wednesday: Generation 2 – Atari and Pong

Thursday: Generation 3 – 8 Bit Systems

Friday: Generation 4 – 16 Bit Generation


If you missed a day last week, make sure you look at the blog post for that day and make up the assignment.  Talk to me if you need a paper or more instructions.