Brainstorming Game Ideas and Developing Your Game Concept

Today we will talk about how to brainstorm ideas for games and start to develop your game concept.


The Idea Assignment: (formative)

  • Part 1: (15 points)
    • Brainstorm ideas for three different games
    • Write a sentence for each ideas describing it.
  • Part 2: (50 points)
    • Pick one of your ideas to be the one you develop.
    • Develop a detailed description of that game idea. Include:
      • the mechanics – actions the player can take
      • components – physical objects in the game
      • space – top down/platform, wrap around/scrolling
      • rules – what the player can and can’t do
      • goals – how to win or advance the game
  • Part 3: (35 points)
    • Write a one or two paragraph explanation of your game idea.
      • Explain the setting and gameplay
      • Tell the outline of the story of your game
  • You will turn in your final narrowed down/detailed Video Game Design idea at the end of class on Monday, Oct. 30th through Schoology.