Writing the Story of Your Game

Today and tomorrow we will be writing the story of your game.

Now that you have developed the story plot diagram, story maps, and main character – you are ready to write the story.  Write the story from the perspective of your character.  This is a narrative, not a review.  What I mean by this is that I need you to tell me a story, not about the story.  Use first person language and pretend your way through your game from the perspective of your character.  What does the character feel, think, and experience.  How does he/she react to the events that happen.

Requirements and Rubric (formative grade)

  • Between one and two pages in length (40 points)
    • single spaced
    • 11 point font
    • default margins
  • Write as a narrative from the perspective of the character in your story (40 points)
  • Good use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation (10 points)
  • Turned in Plot Diagram and Story map (10 points)

This will be due on Thursday, November 9.  You have class time today and tomorrow to write and may work on this at home if needed.  I recommend that today you write the rough draft and tomorrow you refine/rewrite the final version.  Please use your class time wisely.