Level Design Maps

Today we will look at several methods and examples of level design.  You will then create a map of one of your levels on graph paper.

Level Design Map Assignment (Formative)

Create a map of one of your levels on graph paper.  Make sure you include the following:

  • All locations in your level
  • Show locations of all enemies and items
  • Create a map key explaining all symbols used
  • Draw the map to scale(1box= 1/meter) and include your scale in the map key


Map is complete – entire level shown – 20 points

Locations of all objects listed – 20 points

  • Enemies
  • Hazards
  • Collectables
  • Power-ups
  • Starting and ending locations

Map key shows all symbols and is easy to understand – 20 points

Scale of map (how big a box is) is shown – 10 points

Map is easy to read – well laid out – neat and creative – 30 points