Reverse Guessing Game Summative Project

Today we start the Reverse Guessing Game project.  This will be the semester exam project, testing your knowledge of the things learned during our Guessing Game and the first semester.

In the Reverse Guessing Game, the player of the game will pick a number between 1 and 100.  The computer will make guesses and the player will tell it to guess higher, lower, or that it is correct.  The computer needs to be able to guess any number in 10 guesses or less.  Click here to see a working example of the game:  Reverse Guessing Game

Reverse Guessing Game Requirements:

  • Have a start screen that introduces the player to the game and tells them how to play with a start button to launch the game.
  • The computer will make a guess and the player will push a button to tell the computer which way to guess next – Higher, lower, or correct.
  • The computer will keep track of the number of guesses it has taken and display the guesses it has remaining on the screen.
  • The computer needs to be able to guess any number in 10 guesses or less.
  • When the computer wins, it needs to display quit and play again buttons.  The quit button should exit the game and the play again button should start the game over.
  • If the computer looses, the player made a mistake.  Display a message and the quit and play again buttons as above.
  • The UI should be easy to read/see and look attractive.

Reverse Guessing Game Rubric:

  • 70 points – Game Works and has all required functionality. (see requirements above)
  • 30 points – Game is attractive and is easy to understand and play.

Reverse Guessing Game Flow Chart and Pseudocode Rubric:

  • 40 points – Flow Chart uses correct shapes and connectors.  Flow chart is complete and includes all processes necessary for the game to work.
  • 40 points – Pseudocode is complete – all shapes in flow chart are included.
  • 20 points – Flow chart and pseudocode are readable, neat, and well organized.


  • Tuesday 12/11 – Create your flow chart of the game –  upload it to Schoology for a summative grade (due Thursday, 12/13).
  • Wednesday 12/12 – Start creating your game – setup the UI for the start of the game and get your start button working.  Display the game play UI elements.
  • Thursday 12/13 –  Write the game logic code to have the computer pick the next best guess and display it to the player.  Get input from the player through the on-screen buttons.
  • Friday 12/14 – Create the end of the game UI and write the commands to display it.  Make your quit and play again buttons work.
  • Monday 12/17 – Finish the game – Game will be graded during class – you will play it for me demonstrating all requirement are functional.

Timeline may be adjusted as necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.