Semester Exam Project

We are going to be turning our projects into RPG games.  To prepare for this, we are going to be creating objects for our games and NPC / Enemies.


  • Model in Maya LT an object for our game.  We will put a class list together and you will be assigned an object.
    • Texture your object and import into Unity to make sure it looks good.
  • Create an NPC / Enemy for the game.  Use and Fuse.
    • We will create a list as a class and assign you an NPC / Enemy
    • Get the following animations for your model:  Idle, Walk, Run, Attack
    • Import the model and animations into Unity
    • Create an animator controller for your model and setup the following parameters to control the animations
      • bool walk – when true walk – when false idle
      • bool run – when true go from idle to run – when false go from run to idle
      • trigger attack – plays the attack animation whenever triggered
    • Use the root motion method to move the NPC / Enemy
    • Create a script that controls the animations when the following keys are pressed
      • 1 – idle
      • 2 – walk
      • 3 – run
      • 4 – attack


  • Modeled Object – 50 points
    • Object modeled in Maya LT is the assigned object.
    • Object is low-poly and textured
    • Object is imported into Unity
    • Object is easy to understand (players will recognize what it is with out having to be told)
  • NPC / Enemy – 50 points
    • Model is appropriate for the type of NPC / Enemy assigned
    • All required animations are included and look good
    • Animator controller is setup with the required parameters and model transitions between animations correctly.