Adding content to your game project

Now that you have completed the game tutorials, you will add in some new features of your own.  If you have any questions, please ask me.

Brick Breaker – Make a new level that features a new kind of brick and a new powerup.  This level should load automatically after your first tutorial level.

Asteroids – Make a new type of asteroid and a new powerup.

Platform Game – Make your level balanced with more enemies. Add in a new powerup.  Make the player respawn at the last checkpoint when he falls off the map.

Rubric – Summative 100 points
  • Tutorials completed and project working error free – 50 points
  • New powerup completed and working – 25 points
  • New feature implemented and working – 25 points
Project due Friday, March 8th – 1000 xp Classcraft Award if turned in by Thursday.