Adding in The New Feature RPG Project

You will be showing what you have learned this week by adding in some new features to our RPG game.

New Feature
  • Add in a hit reaction to both the player and the enemy when they are hit with an attack that:
    • Interrupts whatever the player or enemy is doing.
    • Plays an animation – get the animation for the enemy from me.  I have one for the Knight character as well if needed.
Rubric – Summative 100 Points
  • Base game done (all content working that we did together as a class) – 60 points
  • Player character hit reaction done – 20 points
    • plays animation
    • interrupts what ever player was doing
  • Enemy character hit reaction done – 20 points
    • Plays animation
    • Interrupts whatever enemy is doing
Project due Friday, March 8th – 1000 xp Classcraft Award if turned in by Thursday!