Video Game History Timeline Summative Project

Part 1: You will create a timeline of video game history that will be broken down into the 8 generations of game consoles.

For each generation you must include:

  • All the main consoles highlighting hardware advances
  • The leading companies
  • At least one event that occurred which effected the video game industry.
  • At least 2 Innovative games that introduced a new way to play – describe why it was innovative.

Part 2:  You will write an essay about which generation of video game history you think was the best and why.  Make sure to include supporting details and good technical writing skills.

Instructions for completing the project:

  • Use Visio to create the timeline.
  • Write your essay in Word.
  • You will have three class periods (Monday, Sept. 19  – Wednesday, Sept 21) to work on the project – save it in Onedrive to work on it at home if needed.  Extended work time to Friday Sept. 23
  • Project is due by the end of the day on Monday September 26th

Rubric – 100 points total

  • Each Generation 10 points (8 Generations = 80 Points)

–Consoles listed 3 Points

–Leading Companies 2 Points

–Event 2 points

–2 Innovative Games 3 Points

  • Essay – 15 Points

–Best generation with supporting points – 10 points

–Technical Writing – 5 points

  • Neat and Clearly Presented – 5 Points

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