Video Game Design 3

Certifications Test Chapters 11 – 20

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Instructions for Tuesday, 9/26:

Students, today you will being designing a game idea for a mobile game.  Please pick something different from an infinite runner, as we have already done one.  You will be generating some game design documents that will be turned in for a grade.

Type or write up your game idea including:

  • Name of game
  • Genre of game
  • Setting – Where does it take place
  • Basic story of the game – what is happening?  Why is the player doing what he/she is doing?
  • How does the player win?
  • What happens when they die/lose?
  • How might you include micro transactions or ads into this game to generate revenue?

Sketch out the User Interface for your game:

  • Draw out the screen of the device you are targeting and show where all text, buttons, and other UI items will be.
  • Draw out what your first level will look like.
  • Describe the controls of your game (swipes, taps, buttons, other).

You will be turning these in to me on Wednesday for a grade, so please use your time wisely.  There should be NO games or videos on your screens.  You may look at some games that are similar to the ones you want to make to get ideas of layout and look.