Video Game Design 2

Video Game Contest – April 20, 2018

We are holding a Video Game Design Contest ending on April 20th.  The contest is open to Video Game Design 2 and 3 students.

You will form teams of 1 to 3 people to make a game between April 2 and April 18.  Judging will begin on April 19 and awards/prizes will be given on April 20th in an after school event to be held at the Career Center.



  • You may make a 2D or 3D game.
  • All sprites/models/music/sounds/scripts must be created by your team unless approved by Mr. Page.
  • Your game must have:
    • starting menu screen to start the game/set options/instructions
    • At least one complete level that can be lost or won
    • Music and Sound effects
    • Game over menu that allows replay/Quit/Credits

Awards will be given for: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall, and people choice.

Video Game Contest Rubric – Summative 100 points – Due Wed. 4/18/18

Personal Contribution 50 points

  • Use of class time – 25points
  • Did you complete your parts of the game – 25 points

Game Meets Requirements 50 points

  • Start Menu – 10 points
    • Instructions
    • Options
  • Sound/Music – 10 points
  • One Complete Level
    • Can win and lose
  • End Screen – 10 points
    • Win/Lose
    • Play Again / Quit
  • Credits – 10 points



Scripting Review Videos and Class Notes









  • Video
  • Notes
  • Practice Assignment – Just do the “on your computer” part







Arrays and Loops

  • Video
  • Notes
  • Practice Assignment – Just do the “on your computer” part



4th Period Select Units Scripts

Revised Scripts for moving units

 4th Period UnitScript

Instructions for Friday 1/19

Keep working on your individual piece of the first part of our game.  You should have something to show me on Monday.  Have a good weekend.

Instructions for Thursday 1/18

Students – I am still sick and might be out for the rest of the week.  Please work in your groups to start creating assets for the start of the game.  List on your groups pages who is working on what.  I will be looking for progress on these items when I return.

Instructions for Wednesday 1/17

Students – I have had the flu all weekend and am still not recovered.  Today you will start moving to the next phase of development.  In your teams, you need to make a prioritized list of all game assets needed to setup the staring scene of the game.  This includes all: models, items, enemies, menu UI, scripts, background story, etc…

Add a page to your groups section of the OneDrive document detailing out your list.  We will use these later this week to start assigning out pieces of the project to individuals.

Please work hard and think about the details.

December 4 – 11         Space Game

We are finishing up our space game this week.  Your final version is due on Friday this week (December 8).

Rubric for Space Game Group Grade – Summative

  • Game runs without errors
  • Game can be won and lost
  • You can start and quit the game
  • Player can figure out how to control the game and how to play/win
  • Game is fun and engaging
  • Menus and UI are present and add to the game

Rubric for Individual Grade – Summative

  • All parts of the game that fall in your area of responsibility and complete and error free
    • Modelers (all objects are modeled and textured)
    • Programmers (all scripts are functioning and error free)
  • Class Time was used well – On task and working on project.

October 19 – 25          Learning Maya LT

We are going to learn a lighter version Maya called Maya LT over the next couple of days.  You will be going to and logging in with your school email and password.  Your school email is your and the password should be your regular computer password or your first three letters of your last name + your ID#.  Here is a link to the course Learning Maya LT.

Make sure you follow along in Maya LT and recreate what the instructor is doing.  I will be looking for your final product at the end of the course.

Here is your goals for completing the course:

  • Thursday:
    • Introduction
    • Part 1 – the Maya Interface
  • Friday
    • Part 2 – Selecting and Manipulating Objects
    • Part 3 – Organizing Scenes
  • Monday
    • Part 4 – Creating Polygonal Models
    • Part 5 – Polygonal Meshes
  • Tuesday
    • Finish Part 5 – Polygonal Meshes
  • Wednesday
    • Part 6 – Creating Materials
    • Part 7 – Applying Textures
  • Thursday
    • Part 8 – Animating in Maya LT
    • Part 9 – Exporting Assets
    • Conclusion

Rigging and Skinning Your Character

Look at this video to see an example of how to rig and skin your model for animation.  Rigging and Skinning Video

Instruction for Monday 10/2/17 – Thursday 10/5/17.

Students, I am at the Unity Conference in Austin this week.  I found a good video on making a simple character in Maya for you to watch.

Your goal  is to watch the video and try to recreate what is being done in Maya.  This should help you to get started on your own character model.  The video is here:  Maya:Simple Character Part 01 – Modeling

If you want to put your own reference drawings in Maya, take a picture of your drawings and load it into your computer.

After watching the video and practicing, make your own character in Maya.

On Monday and Tuesday watch the video and practice modeling.

On Wednesday and Thursday model your own character.  Be ready to move on to rigging and animating on Friday.

Instructions for Tuesday 9/26/17.

Students, today you will completing your point and click movement system that we went over yesterday.  I have a video reviewing point and click here Point and Click Video.   When you are done with that you will start to develop a character for your game that you are going to model in Maya.

Design your character:

  • Fill out the Character Sheet for your character.  You can get a digital copy here character_sheet  Use this form to help you fill in the character sheet character-creation-process
  • Sketch your character from the front, side, and back.  These should be full body sketches – we will be using these to help us in the modeling process.  There is paper on the shelf by the printer.

I will be checking/grading the point and click movement system on Wednesday.   There should be NO games or videos on your screens unless they are from my videos on what you are working on..