Notebook Requirements

Second Nine Weeks

The following should be in your notes – this will be graded at the end of the second nine weeks.  This is due Friday December 11.

Flow Chart Notes

Guessing Game Flow Chart

Guessing Game Pseudocode

 Falling Object Game flow charts (player, falling object, bullet, game manager)

How to make things move – transform.Translate

How to get keyboard input – GetAxis and GetButton

How to spawn in objects – Instantiate

Collisions Setup

Here is what you should have in your notebook as of October 13th:

Table of contents

Video Game History Timeline

Intro to Video Game Design

Intro to Unity – Hand out and notes

Video Game Career Project

Scripting Basics


Mathematical Operations

Conditional Statements




Make sure:

  • all pages are numbered
  • Table of contents has the headings and page numbers for each topic
  • Notes are complete – check the notes page on the blog

You will be turning in your notebooks on Oct 13th at the end of class for a nine week summative grade check.  Notebooks turned in late will be graded for a maximum of a 70%.


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