Students – Still not over the flu…

Please watch the following video about functions on my YouTube channel and recreate the script and examples on your computer.  Fix any errors and test.  I will be looking at how you did when I return.

Only type in the new code I am adding to the script.  In the video I am building on a script used in a previous video.

Functions Video

Have a great weekend – Hope to see you on Monday.

Students, I am still sick.  Please answer the following questions in a Word document and submit it to the Conditional Statements Review assignment in Schoology.

  • Write out and if statement
  • Write out an if – else statement
  • Write out an if – else if statement
  • Write out a compound if statement using AND
  • Write out a compound if statement using OR

When you are done try to do this on your computer:

On your computer by yourself:

  • Make a new C# file
  • Make a variable to hold your ammo and one to hold a true/false if you have a gun equipped
  • Write the commands in your update function that will Debug “ammo low” if ammo is below 10, “ammo out” if ammo is gone, and “ammo full” if ammo is 20. 20 is your max ammo.  (Use if and else if statements to print one of these)
  • Debug only one of the following at a time (use compound conditional statements):
    • Print “gun equipped and ready to fire” if you have a gun and ammo
    • If you have a gun but no ammo print “gun equipped – no ammo”
    • If you have ammo but no gun print “you have ammo but no gun equipped”

Be ready to show me how you did on the script when I return.

Students – I have had the flu all weekend and am still not well yet.  Please do the following assignment and submit it to Schoology by the end of class.

Variables Review – answer the following questions in a Word document and submit to the Variables Review Assignment in Schoology.

  1. Write down the 4 types of variables and what information they can hold.
  2. Write out a variable definition for each of the 4 types.
  3. Set them equal to an initial value.
  4. Where are the two protection levels for a variable?
  5. How do you +, -, *, / variables (the long way and the short way)
  6. How do you add or subtract 1 (the short way)

I hope to join you all tomorrow(Thursday)!  Keep on working on your scripting basics.

Mr. Page

Students, today you will practice using conditional statements.  Add to your script from yesterday to complete the assignment.  Submit whatever you have done by the end of class (even if you are not finished).  Assignment is due at the end of class today.

If you don’t remember how to submit the assignment to Schoology, look at yesterday’s post for instructions.


Students,  today you will be practicing what we have learned in class about scripting variables and math.  Please complete the following assignment and submit it to Schoology by the end of class.  Even if you are not able to finish the assignment make sure you turn in what you have.  Assignment is due at end of class.

How to submit to Schoology:

  • In Unity – right click your script in the project panel
  • Choose show in explorer
  • Drag your file from the explorer window to the assignment submission window in Schoology
  • Submit the assignment

This week we will be continuing to learn the basics of C# scripting.

Agenda for the Week

Monday: Scripting Basics – Math Class NotesMath in C# Video

Tuesday:  Scripting Basics – Conditional Statements Class NotesConditional Statements Video

Wednesday: Scripting Basics – Conditional Statements

Thursday: Scripting Basics -Practice Math and Variables Assignment

Friday:  Scripting Basics – Practice Conditional Statements Assignment

Tutoring This Week

Mornings:  By appointment

After School:  By appointment

Going to be absent?

It’s very important to make sure that if you are absent that you get the notes from someone in class when you return.  I will be posting videos that cover the information we covered on scripting.  You are responsible for watching them and updating your notes.  Find the videos above in the agenda section of this post.

Did you miss our lessons on Variables last week?  If so watch the video to get caught up – Variables in C#

Welcome back!  I hope your break was filled with family, fun, and rest.

This week we are starting our unit on Unity 3D and scripting with C#.  This semester Video Game Design becomes a lot like AP Computer Science as we are going to learn how to write programs.  This is a necessary skill for all who wish to make Video Games their career.

Agenda for the Week

Tuesday – Introduction to Unity

Wednesday – Getting comfortable with the Unity Editor – Don’t forget professional dress day

Thursday – C# Scripting – Variables – get a copy of the class notes here:  Variables Notes

Friday – C# Scripting – Assigning and changing values of Variables

These are some questions you should be able to answer by the end of the week:

  • What are the steps to making a new C# Script?
  • Where do you put variables in a script?
  • How do you declare variables (what do you type in)?
  • What are the four types of variables covered and what kind of information do they hold?
  • How do you assign a value to a variable?
  • How do you change the value of a variable?


This week we complete the first semester of the school year.

Remember, all missing and redo work must be turned in Today (Monday, Dec 11th).

This week’s agenda:

Monday – Finish presentation – turn in 10 Page Game Design Document

Tuesday – Finals 0 and 6th period

Wednesday – Finals 5th and 7th period – NO PROFESSIONAL DRESS GRADE TODAY (check with your other classes to see if they are taking one)

Thursday – Finals 1st and 3rd period

Friday – Finals 2nd and 4th period

Tutoring this week:

No tutoring due to finals

Today we will be finishing up our 10 page Game Design Document.

On Wednesday we will start presentations.  I will take volunteers to present, but if there are none we will choose students at random to go.  Remember that if you are not ready when called, your presentation will be considered late and will earn a maximum grade of a 70%.

Requirements for presentation:

Presentation needs to include all required information about your game.  The slides should be well laid out, understandable, and easy to read.  There will be a five minute time limit for the presentation.  We will take a few audience questions at the end of each presentation – be prepared to answer some questions.  Use good presentation skills, have fun, and be creative!

Rubric for the presentation:

Required information presented (60 points)

Slides clear and readable (10 points)

Presenter clear and understandable (10 points)

5 minute time limit kept (10 points)

Creative/Interesting presentation (10 points)

Audience Participation Points

When you are not presenting, you will be acting as if you are on a panel that is deciding on which game your company should make.  Listen carefully and have some questions to ask the presenter.  You will be graded on your participation as a part of the audience.  Make sure you are paying attention and being a good audience.

  • Stay off the computer
  • no talking during presentation
  • no music in your ears
  • stay off the phones and electronic devices
  • be facing and looking at the presenter
  • ask good questions – silly/off topic questions will cost you points

This presentation is your Semester Final Exam and will count as 10% of your semester grade.

This week we complete our 10 Page Game Design Document and give presentations.

Remember, all missing and redo work must be turned in by Monday, Dec 11th.

This week’s agenda:

Monday – 10 Page Game Design Document – Complete

Tuesday – How to give a good presentation discussion and prep for  Presentations

Wednesday – Presentations

Thursday – Presentations

Friday – Presentations

Tutoring this week:

Thursday 8:10 – 8:40 & 4:00 – 4:45